3833740_1d739c24Ensure that the builder of your chimney is certified professional, hire an inspection firm to check, verify the standards, and certify your chimney. This ensures your chimney is of high quality and will give you service for a considerable length of time before it is damaged. Beware of earthquake prone areas. If in such an areas, the risk of damage of your chimney is high and you should keep checking your chimney. Keep moisture off your chimney.


Moisture is the number one cause of cracks, which, if not detected and repaired on timely basis, may cause the toppling of the entire chimney. Using a chimney cap is a very efficient way of keeping water off the chimney. Invest in your chimney, as it is as important as any other section of your house. Make it beautiful, art full and durable. Get information on maintenance tips .This keeps damages and repairs off. Before you hire a company to service or repair your chimney, check out the companies profile and record. Get reviews from its customers and rate it so that you sure you are dealing with professionals. Always use professional services. If you choose to do the repair yourself, wear a protective gear to protect you from accidents in case of falling from the roof.

Finally, remember that repairs to your chimney should be done on a sunny day and any coatings added should be allowed at least four hours to dry.